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 Electric Truck Stop.com provides you with a LARGE DATA BASE, directory, and LOCATORS, for truck stops , travel centers, travel plaza's, road service, repairs, tires, truck service , truck driver jobs,cat scales weather. For each truck stop we provide detailed information such as street address, plus Interstate Exits, Food service, truck service number of parking places, the availability of bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), and RV facilities. Updates for independent truck stops, as well as major chain truck stops and travel centers are included. Use the top menu (for quick finders - locators) or the left side menu for these locator services. Plan your trucking route with confidence, the Electric Truck Stop has your information, locators.

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Electric Truck Stop Site Map

Click on the links on and below the main headings.

Electric truck Stop Home

Home - Main Page, returns you to Electric Truck Stop , truck stop, truck services, truck scales Locators Home or opening page. From this page you can navigate to any of our locators, find and read articles or news,  follow the links to our trucker forums, find weather, road conditions, truck services, and of course truck stops.

Electric Truck Stop Locators

These links are intended to be quick LOCATORS and are found on the Top Menu. More detailed Locators are found on the Main Menu on the left hand side.


Truck Stops

A quick Locator for Truck Stops, all lower 48 states, shows address, phone numbers,hours of operation, truck parking.


Cat Scales

A quick Locator, listing,  for Truck Cat Scales. Find where to weigh your truck here.

Truck Wash

 Quick find, State by State locators, listings, for TRUCK WASH Facilities.

50 State Road and Weather conditions

 The link above will bring you to Electric Truck Stop Locator - 50 State Road and Weather conditions, camera's, traffic advisory's, road construction, Department of Transportation (DOT), official state websites.

Electric Truck Stop FORUMS

 The Link above brings you to Electric Truck Stop FORUMS where you will find trucking related discussions, trucking information, plus truck driver fun subjects, driver trucks, politics,and general subjects.  Drivers are encouraged to submit information about the trucking industry.

Truck repair facilities, shops

 The above Electric Truck Stop Locator directs you to truck repair facilities, shops, towing services and 24 hour emergency truck road service.


Electric Truck Stop MAIN MENU:

The Electric Truck Stop MAIN MENU contains detailed LOCATORS with more trucking information, TRUCK STOPS, truck repair facilities - shops, truck driver jobs, truck tires and maintenance,  industry links, trucking news, Department of Transportation weigh stations (coops), Major Chain Truck Stops - locators, reputable truck repair shops, driver resources. 


Trailer Repair

 The link above brings you to Truck - Trailer repair shops

Truck Services  

 The Truck Services Link above brings you to Electric Truck Stop Truck Service Locators. Find truck service, truck tire services here.


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